BN: 1.06

Here we have Michael acting like he doesn't know how buns get inside of ovens. And since we all know how buns get inside of ovens, there's no real need to recap. Oh, they did get a new bed! Before I introduce the newest edition to the family, I'd like to introduce Lilac. She's the … Continue reading BN: 1.06


1.04 Rose Colored Lenses

The sound of footsteps coming up behind him broke Elias out of his fishing trance. “Hi, Siobhan,” he greeted without turning around. “How’d you know it was me?” “Anybody who wanted to fish wouldn’t walk up here in heels,” Elias teased. “So why’d you come up here?” “Come sit.” He pulled in his line and … Continue reading 1.04 Rose Colored Lenses

BN: 1.05

As promised, after the wedding, the newlyweds host a weenie roast. I am hoping since I can control two sims this time that I will get gold. And hopefully nobody dies.   As you can see, Heaven sprang into action once again, folks! Saving, yet again, her husband and my founder. Thank Watcher for Heaven. … Continue reading BN: 1.05

BN: 1.04

Today's the big day! Michael is getting married to Heaven. Since Michael knows more people, he sets it up. For this wedding, I've done a corner of the park. It is very simple and you'll see it in the screenshots below. Aren't they lovely? I had to include all of these shots! Although, I do … Continue reading BN: 1.04

BN: 1.03

Michael does basically everything around the house leaving Heaven to enjoy herself. She does have the paying job so I guess it's nice that Michael takes care of everything else. There is little to do for amusement around here so they talk to each other and dance a lot. I guess they could woohoo, but … Continue reading BN: 1.03

BN: 1.02

Michael's been busy. He doesn't have a job, so he spends his days fishing, collecting, gardening... ...and taking advantage of the free food getting to know the citizens of Newcrest. In particular, he spends time with Christy. This woman... I honestly forgot her name and I am sorry about that. But it doesn't matter much … Continue reading BN: 1.02

BN: 1.01

This is Michael Elam. He loves the outdoors, loves music, and is good. And he’s the mayor of Newcrest. He is the founder of the #buildnewcrest challenge. Why am I doing this challenge? I hate building. But I would like to get better at it. I found out that I am better at building when … Continue reading BN: 1.01