BN: 2.03

If you recall, Olivia and Adonis just got engaged. And what do newly engaged couples whim for right after their engagement? No, not marriage. Woohoo! No one is more surprised than me when I have Olivia take a pregnancy test and it's positive. Oy, that risky woohoo is no joke! She immediately announces the news … Continue reading BN: 2.03


1.07 Suspicions

“How long were you planning on having bare walls and cement floors?” Siobhan questioned. Elias shrugged. “What, you don’t like bare walls?” he teased. Talking with her again felt great even if they weren’t together. He missed her, he missed their friendship, and it was great to have her back. “No! I'm a very light … Continue reading 1.07 Suspicions

BN: 2.02

I have never played with a gloomy sim before. It does make me sad that Adonis sometimes wakes up sad. So far, he's only woken up sad a few times. Normally, his other emotions overpower his gloomy trait. He and Olivia are very cute together. Being a romantic, Adonis is always seeking Olivia out and … Continue reading BN: 2.02

BN: 1.10

Olivia went on a date. Two actually. Both with Adonis. This is just to show you the other options she had. The first one was not that great. Adonis was doing everything at the Romance Festival but talking to her. She ended up having a conversation with the romance guru. I don't remember the prediction, … Continue reading BN: 1.10

BN: 1.09

In the new house, there's a treadmill. I've been having Michael and Heaven use it during their free time... because they have a lot of it. I love that the mature adults fill out in this game, but there's nothing wrong with an endurance run once a day in between autonomously browsing the web and … Continue reading BN: 1.09

BN: 1.08

A lot happened in Olivia's childhood. Not "a lot" as in it will take up more than one chapter, but as in I did a lot of building work. Olivia completed two aspirations: rambunctious scamp and whiz kid. Since she was such a great child, here are some pictures of her... and her parents.   … Continue reading BN: 1.08