BN: 1.09

In the new house, there’s a treadmill. I’ve been having Michael and Heaven use it during their free time… because they have a lot of it.

I love that the mature adults fill out in this game, but there’s nothing wrong with an endurance run once a day in between autonomously browsing the web and watching movies.

Personally, I think they look pretty good.

batch_05-03-17_10:27:41 PM

Olivia is one of those sims who is always seems to be looking at me. Mostly, she looks like she’s judging me. Here, for example.

batch_05-03-17_11:48:04 AM

Judgement or not, I have a legacy to think about. So it’s spouse-search time. Amazingly enough, there is only one teenaged girl in the save right now so she’s got about five guys to choose from.

Well three considering I want some different genetics. Here we have Nicolas (r) and Adonis (l)- two great spouse potentials. The last, well, he’s a few days younger. And it could work if need be, but he is also in a relationship.

batch_05-03-17_5:18:49 PM

Anyhow, I had Olivia try to get to know them both.

I also purchased the Observant reward trait for her. I want for her to be in the Detective career. Unfortunately, the detective career is broken, but the trait still came in handy at this moment.

I guess group dates are a tad awkward.

batch_05-03-17_5:20:27 PM

Awkward and all, I think Olivia has chosen Adonis. She gets the most whims to talk to him.

batch_05-03-17_5:24:45 PM

Michael and Heaven are still doing great. Michael’s project nowadays is to upgrade everything possible in the house.

batch_05-03-17_8:54:07 PM

Also, Michael is supposed to be turning into an elder! It seems like just yesterday I was making him in CAS.

He doesn’t age up yet, though, because I gave him a youth potion!

batch_05-03-17_2:55:29 PM

I wanted for him and Heaven to take theirs together, but again I did some wonky planning.

So he left one on the counter top for her.

batch_05-03-17_2:54:45 PM

As soon as she got home, she took the potion. The two are now the same age! They have a while before they make the elder spin, but I’m already savoring their presence.

batch_05-03-17_2:58:02 PM

Oh yes, and our girl is now at the top of the secret agent career: diamond agent branch!

Whoop whoop!

batch_05-03-17_10:36:29 PM


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