1.05 Practically Nonexistent

batch_06-18-17_3:34:40 PM

The smell of bacon stirred Elias from his sleep. After stretching, he sat and swung his legs over the side of his bed to follow his nose to the kitchen.

“Good morning. I tried to be quiet. I just came to make you breakfast before filming starts because I know you won’t eat breakfast unless someone makes it for you. I’ve got a long day today so I won’t come over tonight,” his girlfriend said. Elias smiled through his grogginess.

batch_06-18-17_3:32:44 PM

“Thanks for the breakfast,” he said. His awakening brain was still in the midst of processing everything she said. Ava was wonderful but she talked a lot and very quickly.

“Perks of having a key!” she chirped, walking around the island to peck him on the cheek. “Now I gotta run if I’m going to make it in time. I’ll text you!” she grabbed her cup of green tea and was out the door before Elias could even say goodbye.

batch_06-18-17_3:33:21 PM

He picked up his delicious smelling breakfast. Ava was right, he normally didn’t eat breakfast because he was asleep until around lunch time. Elias woke every day in the early hours of the morning to tend his plants. Once that was done, he went back to bed and woke again around midday. The schedule worked perfectly fine most days. The only times it was really altered was when the Garden Gnomes were meeting on Saturday morning and when Ava decided to fix him breakfast.

She worked a crazy schedule that was always changing, so she often popped over when she could to say hi.

Elias walked over to fix himself a cup of coffee. Just as he got a mug, his phone beeped. It was Ava kindly suggesting he have tea instead of coffee since the water was still hot. He chuckled to himself and made a cup of tea instead of coffee. Elias wouldn’t see her for a couple of days, but it was still better to do what she asked if he didn’t want her to launch into a lecture on benefits of green tea.


“What do you think Elias?” Clara’s questioned snapped Elias out of his thoughts.


“Man, you’ve been out of it this whole time. What are you thinking about?” Marcus demanded. Elias shrugged.

batch_06-14-17_3:28:09 PM

“Ava told me to have green tea this morning instead of coffee and I’m trying to figure out if I can tell a difference in energy,” he answered. Clara scrunched up her nose.

“Water is the best beverage to drink. If you have a cup right when you get up, it’ll refresh you and wake you up.”

Marcus rolled his eyes. “Clara not all of us can be health nuts like you!” he said. “You were thinking about Ava, huh? How long have you two been dating again?”

“Uh… almost two months.”

“You really like her, don’t you?” Clara asked. “I can tell by your smile. That’s sweet. She’s lucky, Elias. She could have gotten stuck with a meathead like Marcus or Paolo here.”

“Hey!” both Marcus and Paolo shouted in unison while Clara and Elias burst out into laughter.


After the way things ended with Siobhan, Elias didn’t know if he would continue to go to and Garden Gnome gatherings because Moriah, her mother, was in the club.

It actually wasn’t awkward or weird at all and Elias appreciated that. He enjoyed his time there too much and would have been even more hurt if he had to leave the club because of Siobhan.

In fact, nobody had even mentioned Siobhan’s name since they broke up two months ago. The way he bristled at any mention of her the first week after their break up probably deterred people from brining her up which he appreciated. He hadn’t heard about her, heard from her, or seen her.

It was almost as if she didn’t exist.


batch_06-18-17_3:37:10 PM

Every now and then he would find himself thinking about her. Even now that he was with Ava. No matter what would end up happening with him and Ava or even him and another woman, Elias had the suspicion that he would still think about Siobhan. Not all the time, but enough to wonder. Enough to go down the “what if” path.

What if he had gotten a traditional job?

What if he went ahead and built a shack instead of waiting until he had enough for a small house?

What if he had never gone to the Von Haunt Estate that day and had never met Siobhan?

But he didn’t think of her often and he certainly did not let himself go down the “what if” path.

batch_06-18-17_3:38:25 PM

It was almost as if she didn’t exist, after all, and he was slowly growing comfortable with that fact.

His phone ringing drew Elias from his head. He put the phone to his ear, excited to hear the rest of Ava’s story about Vic’s wig catching on fire during filming. She had been texting him all day when she had a chance to give him another funny detail about the crazy incident.

batch_06-18-17_3:39:23 PM

“Hey!” he said into the phone. For a few moments it was silent and then a familiar voice flooded his ears.

“Hi, Elias.” Silence again. Elias wanted to feel angry at the sound of Siobhan’s voice, but he couldn’t.

He wanted to hate her, but he didn’t. Instead, the familiarity of her voice- hearing his name rolling off her tongue- felt normal.

“Siobhan,” he greeted.

“Um- can we talk?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Please,” her voice was weak. “I’m in the Spice District of San Myshuno right in front of the karaoke bar.”

Elias sighed. He didn’t want to go. But the fact that she was calling him in the middle of a work day and was not at work meant it was important. In their year of dating, Siobhan never missed work.

batch_06-18-17_3:40:06 PM

“I’ll be there,” he said and hung up his phone. He made sure to grab his guitar before he locked up the house. If he was making an unplanned trip into the city, he might as well make the most of it by playing for some tips.

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    1. Must have missed this earlier! LOL your comments make my day. Ava is a very busy woman, okay? Lol! Siobhan Siobhan Siobhan… playing with Elias’ heart. I do wonder what he’d do if she says she wants him back. (btw now I have MJ stuck in my head)

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