BN: 2.01

Olivia Marie is now a young adult and I am absolutely in love with her! I’ve kept her in the same outfit because I think it’s cute.

batch_05-26-17_12:34:00 PM

Adonis had a birthday, too, and I make sure to have Olivia invite him over so we can secure his place in the legacy before MCCC gets to him.

batch_05-20-17_12:26:46 PM

The family likes Adonis already. Before Olivia could even get to him, Heaven had him cornered in some conversation.

Soon enough, I get Heaven and Michael distracted so I can focus on these two with no interruptions.

batch_06-06-17_3:48:27 PM

After we build up the romance bar a little bit, Olivia goes in for the first kiss. She seems a bit unsure of her abilities.

batch_06-06-17_4:08:40 PM

Adonis on the other hand… well, he seems to be very glad she finally kissed him. It’s been a long time coming.


Without much fanfare, they become boyfriend and girlfriend and we move Adonis in. I give him a quick makeover (which we will see in the next chapter) and find out his traits are Gloomy, Romantic, and Clumsy.

batch_06-06-17_4:09:56 PM

Oh, I don’t know if I ever shared Olivia’s traits, either! So here they are officially (although they can be seen in the family tree). Perfectionist, Good, and Loves the Outdoors.

Olivia has been employed in three different careers. I really really really wanted her to be a police officer. And she was… for one work day. But the career is glitched. So I had her become a doctor. But I don’t really like that one too much.


So finally, Ms. Olivia is a scientist. However, her first day at work will come much later than expected. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.


BN: 1.10 | BN: 2.02


6 thoughts on “BN: 2.01

    1. Thank you about the sims! I’m happy they all turn out so great looking! And thanks about the building! I’m slowly getting better… lol! We’ll see how the first non-residential lot turns out before we pass any judgements


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