BN: 2.02

I have never played with a gloomy sim before. It does make me sad that Adonis sometimes wakes up sad.

batch_06-07-17_11:40:12 AM

So far, he’s only woken up sad a few times. Normally, his other emotions overpower his gloomy trait.

He and Olivia are very cute together. Being a romantic, Adonis is always seeking Olivia out and wanting to be romantic with her. Olivia, well, I think she enjoys being in a relationship and does love Adonis, but she doesn’t have to see him every waking second. She still prefers time to herself, I think, and won’t be defined by being in a relationship.

batch_06-07-17_6:08:08 PM

Adonis whims to be engaged every day. It took Olivia a while to roll that whim. I didn’t want to push her to get married. She can complete her aspiration without being married, after all. She only needs kids. And kids can be introduced into a family without marriage.

I take the two of them to the park for a date. While Adonis listens to music for his aspiration, Olivia looks at the picture of her parents. They built Horizon Park so it is fitting for their picture to be on the wall.

If I remember to do it, I want every heir to have their picture hanging somewhere on the thing that they built. I also want pictures of all the heirs in whatever house the family is currently living in.

Come to think of it, I need to get a picture of Olivia and Adonis!

batch_06-07-17_6:43:21 PM

At this moment, reflecting on her parents’ relationship and addition to the town, Olivia whims to get engaged to Adonis.

Not one to miss a moment, I have him propose right there.

batch_06-07-17_6:43:59 PM

Wonderful. It’s still yet to be determined if they’ll get married, but right now, they’re both pretty content on their engagement.

batch_06-07-17_6:44:09 PM


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