1.07 Suspicions

“How long were you planning on having bare walls and cement floors?” Siobhan questioned. Elias shrugged.

“What, you don’t like bare walls?” he teased. Talking with her again felt great even if they weren’t together. He missed her, he missed their friendship, and it was great to have her back.

“No! I’m a very light sleeper. If the walls are naked, won’t every toss and turn echo?”

“I bet you wouldn’t be complaining about the walls if you had to sleep in the tent,” Elias said.

batch_06-18-17_3:53:07 PM

After finding out about the pregnancy, Elias told Siobhan he wanted to be at every one of her appointments and she respected that wish. She had to schedule any of her appointments early in the morning so she could attend before work. This meant they were going to be so early that the ferry that ran from the island didn’t run yet. Until the bridge connecting the mainland and the island was completed, everyone had to rely on the ferry or their own boats to get back and forth. Since there was no way for Siobhan to get to the mainland so early, she would need to stay at Elias’ shell of a house and since she was the pregnant one, when she slept over she would get the bed. He, on the other hand, would sleep in his old tent in the kitchen.

Siobhan giggled. “You’re right. But listen, how about I decorate for you? I’m great at decorating and can get great discounts for you because of my club’s standing.”

“Sure,” he agreed. “As long as everything isn’t pink.”

Within the week, Elias’ home turned into a construction site. He had hardwood floors put down and wallpaper put up before Siobhan even started showing.

Of course, Elias informed Ava about the entire situation. The pregnancy, the spending the night, and the decorating. He made sure to tell her that his romance with Siobhan was a thing of the past but he would be taking full responsibility for the health of her and the baby meaning her staying over would be a thing that needed to happen.

Ava understood and was surprisingly very supportive of the entire situation. She wasn’t around a lot so the situation wouldn’t seem to directly affect her, anyway. Elias wasn’t the cheating type and she fully trusted him to be faithful in the times she was away. As an actress, she was expected to be able to hop on the plane whenever she needed to for on-site filming and promotion.

She liked her relationship with Elias the way it was and didn’t plan to let a baby mama cause its demise. However, she also did not plan on developing a cordial relationship with said baby mama. She did not view it as necessary.

She and Siobhan had very little interaction so far and Ava wanted to keep it that way. Ava would thank Siobhan for having Elias’ baby because children were not something that Ava wanted. She and Elias had only been dating for a few months and in no way would the topic of children have come up already, but now she was thankful that when it did, he would already have a child.

So she didn’t hate Siobhan but whenever they were in the same room, it was awkward. Mostly because Ava had doubts about the authenticity of Siobhan’s pregnancy. Honestly Ava didn’t care either way, but she did care about Elias and did not want Siobhan to break his heart again.

batch_06-18-17_4:14:15 PM

“Oh good morning!” Siobhan chirped. Siobhan was in a particularly good mood because she was being considered for a promotion at work and would know within the next few days if it was hers or not. She heard whispers that the promotion was basically hers. In the past, promotions and chances at promotions had always made Siobhan excited, but now especially so. A promotion would mean more money and more job security which would mean more stability for her and a better ability to provide for her baby.

“Good morning. How are you doing?” Ava asked weakly.

“I’m great, actually. Some nausea here and there, but nothing I can’t handle. Other than that, no real symptoms!”

batch_06-18-17_4:15:14 PM

“Oh, that’s great.” Ava stared solemnly at Siobhan. “Are you sure you’re even pregnant, then?” she gave a forced laugh. Siobhan looked at her peculiarly and cleared her throat.

“Yes. Very sure.”

“I was only joking!” Ava said in a half attempt to save the mood. “We both know you’re not the type to try and trap a man in a relationship with a pregnancy.”

batch_06-18-17_4:15:22 PM

“I have a feeling you weren’t joking,” Siobhan stated. After a tense pause, Ava spoke again to justify her words.

“I mean, can you blame me for thinking that? You’re not even showing! To me it looks like you left him, realized you made the wrong choice, and either got yourself knocked up or pretended to be pregnant to get him back in your life.”

batch_06-18-17_4:14:51 PM

“I am not that type of person,” Siobhan said firmly. “I can’t believe you think I’m pretending to be pregnant with his child to get back into his life.”

“Well if you are, it sure worked. You’re in his bed now, aren’t you?”

Siobhan’s blood boiled at that statement. Unfortunately, the tears welling up in her eyes did not appropriately express her fury. She tried to say something, anything, to defend herself, but the words weren’t coming.

Half angry, half devastated, Siobhan turned on her heel to get ready for the appointment and work. She would leave without Elias and grab breakfast on the way. He would certainly be upset that she didn’t wait for him- it was going to be his first time attending and appointment- but she needed a moment alone.

batch_06-18-17_4:20:03 PM

Following Siobhan’s quick departure from the house, Ava still found herself unconvinced of Siobhan’s pregnancy. What woman has no symptoms whatsoever? Nausea could be faked easily enough. And then once she had Elias back in her grip, something would “happen to the baby.” That was probably why she left for her “appointment” without Elias- so he wouldn’t know she was lying.

She would voice her concerns as soon as Elias came in from fertilizing his plants.

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11 thoughts on “1.07 Suspicions

  1. This is so interesting! I’m not sure if I trust Siobhan, but I’m also not sure what to think about Ava. I love this drama! I’m so excited for more! It’s so great that you update so frequently ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting indeed! Both women have some growing up to do. I guess in the end it will really come down to what’s best for Elias and making sure his home life isn’t full of toxic people- especially if there is a baby to think about!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh geez lol. Ava has valid points, but she should have addressed them with Elias not with Siobhan like a jealous teen.

    The house looks great!

    Help me out cuz I got lost lol. I’m having trouble understanding why she has to spend the night. Is the doctor’s office on the island too?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ava is absolutely an impulsive person. She definitely had valid points, but like you said, she should have handled everything better.

      Thanks! The house is a work in progress. Ugh you know how much I hate building. And I am actually working on the outline of the legacy mansion in a building save. It’s coming along slowly. :/

      Sorry- I guess I didn’t make this clear. Elias actually lives on the mainland on the 64*64 lot there. It’s where Siobhan’s family used to live and I moved them onto the island in order for Elias to live on that lot. So Elias lives on the mainland, Siobhan on the island and the doctor is on the mainland which is why she has to stay. Phew… I hope that makes sense.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m glad Elias is doing the right thing for his baby… or hopefully his baby. Haha and Ava and Siobhan in the same room… can you say awkward?! 😵

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! There is some major tension between Ava and Siobhan. We’ll see how it all plays out. Is the baby his or not? Is there even a baby? Time will tell. And hopefully it will all turn out okay, too. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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