BN: 2.03

If you recall, Olivia and Adonis just got engaged. And what do newly engaged couples whim for right after their engagement?

batch_07-14-17_2:42:46 PM

No, not marriage. Woohoo!

batch_07-14-17_2:43:51 PM

No one is more surprised than me when I have Olivia take a pregnancy test and it’s positive.

batch_07-14-17_3:15:21 PM

Oy, that risky woohoo is no joke!

batch_07-14-17_3:16:27 PM

She immediately announces the news to Adonis who is so happy he cries tears of joy. I guess generation three is going to come along a bit sooner than I expected. But I’m not upset about that.

batch_07-14-17_3:42:06 PM

Olivia announces the news to her mom while she’s on the treadmill. She may be pregnant, but fitness is still important to her. Heaven is super excited. Her first grand baby! Now maybe she can get Michael to stop whimming to try for baby with her.

Olivia gets a slight makeover. I didn’t really want her stomach hanging out, you know? And let me just tell you that for some reason I find myself enamored with her pregnant-profile. I don’t know if that’s weird, but it’s true! I mean, look at her!

batch_07-14-17_4:27:52 PM

She’s a work of art.

Family meals are always a goal of mine. I try to have at least one a day. It is normally breakfast because everyone works through lunch and sometimes even dinner. It’s a great place for them to cash in on those “chat with x” and “get to know x” whims all at one time while simultaneously building all relationships.

batch_07-14-17_4:31:17 PM

Also, look at Heaven and Olivia. They are actually twins, guys.

batch_07-14-17_4:31:40 PM

I am sad that Olivia doesn’t seem to have more of Michael’s features, he is the founder, after all, and I hoped something of his would be passed throughout the generations… well, she does have his black hair so I guess that’s something.

This is Wendy, Adonis’ older sister. They do not have parents. I wonder what their story is… If I was writing a story for this, I would definitely explore this angle. There are lots of possibilities!

batch_07-14-17_4:40:20 PM

Anyway, another profile shot of Olivia. This time while she’s in her second trimester.

batch_07-14-17_4:40:42 PM

Everyone loves feeling the baby, of course.


As is usual with sims, the third trimester comes quickly leaving both Olivia and I to wonder how many hours are in those ???s the third trimester moodlet boasts. Also, I just noticed that she and Heaven have the same bracelet! That was completely accidental.

batch_07-15-17_1:13:46 PM

Anyway, here, stretching her aching back, Olivia whims to marry Adonis. He has had this whim pinned for days!

Next chapter, we have a wedding, a birth and one other surprise for you all! And I am super excited about that!


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12 thoughts on “BN: 2.03

    1. I don’t think autonomous pregnancy test are a thing lol! They woohooed a lot before this so I think it was just the regular pregnancy announcement that happened to coincide with her peeing…


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