BN: 2.07

It's that time. What time, you ask? Time for Michael and Heaven to age up into elders. I kind of feel like it's the beginning of the end. I know I can't hold onto them forever. They've lived full lives and left their mark on Newcrest for sure. I'm acting like they're dead already! They're … Continue reading BN: 2.07


1.08 Suspicions pt. 2

Ava jumped up from the stool when Elias entered the house. “Excited to see me?” Elias teased and winked at Ava. She ignored his comment and got right to the point. “Babe. I have something to tell you,” she started confidently. “And I only tell you this because I care about you.” Elias raised his … Continue reading 1.08 Suspicions pt. 2

BN: 2.06

The twins are adorable and not as difficult as I anticipated they'd be. Maybe it's the fact that there are four adults in the household or maybe they're just fantastic kids because Anessa is angelic and Aiden is a charmer. I actually feel really good about adding another child to the family. But first I … Continue reading BN: 2.06