BN: 2.04

I take the family over to Horizon Park for the ceremony. I decide not to throw a party because although Olivia isn’t a loner, she has loner tendencies. I do make sure to invite Wendy, though (I’ve been debating moving Wendy in. So far I haven’t done it).

batch_07-15-17_1:19:41 PM

It’s a beautiful ceremony and I love that they got married in the exact same place the Michael and Heaven did. I don’t think that every generation will get married here, but I love this spot of the park and like to think that it is blessed by Michael and Heaven’s great marriage.


After the fact, Olivia seems pleased with her decision to marry Adonis so that’s good. I was a bit worried because she didn’t seem to excited. But I can’t judge her thoughts and feelings from her actions all the times. She’s a lot like me in that way; I might be very excited and be as stern-faced as an old oil painting.

batch_07-15-17_1:22:26 PM

Heaven and Michael, watching their daughter get married, are reminded of their wedding day. Honestly, they are such a cute couple! I am cherishing this time with them because I know that soon I’ll blink and they’ll be gone.

batch_07-15-17_1:20:49 PM

Back at home I learn that I’m not the only one eager for Olivia to give birth! Heaven is super, super excited to be a grandmother. She is always autonomously feeling the baby and asking Olivia’s due date.

I have a feeling she’ll be a really great grandma, too.

batch_07-15-17_1:48:02 PM

Olivia takes family leave on what would be her first day at work. It’s a good thing she did because not long after becoming a married woman, she goes into labor!

It’s sad that Heaven is out for work. The top level of the secret agent career has overnight shifts, I think. I’ll have to check but just know she’s gone overnight every now and then. I think Olivia would like for her mother to be around for the birth of her first child.

But the baby is coming now and there is no waiting for Heaven.

batch_07-15-17_1:59:37 PM

I opted out of a hospital birth just because I didn’t want to deal with any load screens. Not that the screens would take forever but… I just would rather keep Olivia here.

Olivia alternates between giving me unamused stares and puppy dog eyes. Trust me, Liv, if I could speed up your labor, I absolutely would.


Soon enough, it’s go time.

Out pops Anessa Elam. If you’re keeping track of my promises, last chapter I promised a marriage, a birth, and a surprise. Well here’s the surprise!

batch_07-15-17_2:02:44 PM

Soon after Anessa comes her twin brother, Aiden.

batch_07-15-17_2:05:24 PM

They’re both starving when they come out but Olivia is quick to fix that. It gives her level one in parenting! I forgot I even owned that pack since it had been a while since I played with babies, children or teens. And now I have twins in this household. Oy.

batch_07-15-17_2:07:37 PM

Should be fun for me, eh?


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11 thoughts on “BN: 2.04

  1. Oh gosh you’ve got twins, too! How cool! Now you need only one more! Loving the place where they married. I think it’s a great family tradition to have. I’m excited for toddler-fun from you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the little spot where they married. I think it’s simple but pretty. Yes I got twins, too! Toddler-fun? More like toddler torture! Lol I’m joking. After I got the hang of it, it was fine! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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