BN: 2.05

Michael and Heaven love having babies in the house. I always try to have either Olivia or Adonis take care of the twins, but it seems like the grandparents race to get their first.

I don’t really mind, though. It’ll be good to have as much parenting skill as possible with all four of the adults in the house.

Olivia spends time with the twins like she spends time with everyone else in the house: she is near them while doing her own thing. She’s a very great mother, though.

batch_07-15-17_2:13:19 PM

Oh! Let me take this time to show you the updated picture wall. This actually might be the first time I’ve shown it in any official capacity, so it might not seem updated to you… but I assure you, it was updated!

batch_07-16-17_4:25:18 PM

Heaven took up painting. She has so much free time on her days off and I don’t know what to do with her! So I settled on painting. I guess I will have Michael work on his music skills.

batch_07-16-17_4:52:19 PM

Soon it is time for the twins to age up into toddlers! That reminds me- I need to download some toddler hair cc! I am so bored with my current options.

Anywho, here are Anessa and Aiden Elam as toddlers!

I was shocked at how similar they look to each other! They’re cute nonetheless.

As soon as they aged up, both Olivia and Adonis wanted to try for another baby with each other.

batch_07-17-17_9:53:44 PM

I will oblige… soon, I guess. As soon as I get this twin toddlers thing down into a routine!


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7 thoughts on “BN: 2.05

  1. Cuteness! Toddlers! Yes! How is Heaven so gorgeous again? I think she’s one of the most amazing sims I’ve ever seen. I also love the photos and how they are arranged! I’m looking forward to seeing them as children (and see if they still look so much alike :O) Great update!

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    1. Heaven is so beautiful! Michael really got lucky to find and marry such an awesome sim. The photo wall is super frustrating because I have to remember to get pictures of everyone! I think that now I’m just going to get YA pictures because it’s too much work to get everyone at every life stage. The twins are so sweet and so cute! They do have some differences and I hope they’ll start to manifest in childhood. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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