BN: 2.11

Let’s start off with a birthday today, yeah? I’ve had such fun writing for the past two chapters but it only covered… four days in game. I’ve got a lot of time to cover if I don’t want to go over my self-imposed 20 chapters a generation limit!

Here we go!

batch_09-09-17_6:09:29 PM

Addison ages up into a toddler. And wouldn’t you know it, she has Adonis’ hair! I chose Addy as heir before I knew this but now I’m glad that I did. Other than the hair, she looks exactly like her siblings.

Addy rolls the inquisitive trait (the same toddler trait Olivia had) so I expected her toddler days to be easy. Boy was I wrong.

Addy is a little firecracker! She’s always being defiant, breaking the dollhouse and making messes everywhere.

batch_09-11-17_6:10:54 PM

Olivia and Adonis, this is a classic example of why you should be careful what you wish for.

batch_09-09-17_8:41:38 PM

With the death of Michael and Heaven, I did some reshuffling of the house. The twins, Anessa and Aiden, move into Michael and Heaven’s old room. Anessa and Addison share a room, and Olivia and Adonis are still in the basement.

batch_09-09-17_8:42:54 PM

Cousin Rebeca comes over, even though she is a toddler, and just walks through the door. Her first act, as the independent toddler that she is, is to destroy the dollhouse. Neither Annalise nor Addy were pleased with that…

batch_09-09-17_8:53:48 PM

Obligatory shot of the twins being cute and twin-like together!

batch_09-09-17_9:03:09 PM

Anessa’s aspiration is Computer Whiz so she is always playing video games/ programming. I was shocked when I found her autonomously hacking the Lothario Trust Fund in Heaven’s red secret agent room… but I let her be.

batch_09-09-17_9:04:01 PM

Aiden has that collecting aspiration. His main hobby while things are re-spawning is to play Michael’s old guitar.

The twins will be great parents one day. I know this because every morning when Addy is working on her blocks, they wake up and autonomously go to help her. It’s the sweetest thing… until they go to school hungry because they wasted their morning.

batch_09-09-17_9:21:45 PM
“Woah, Mama. Don’t fall and die ’cause you gotta help me with my project tonight, remember?”

I have Olivia working on maxing her wellness skill. You would think she would have maxed it already… it’s crazy how three pregnancies and 30 days of baby/ toddlerhood will slow down progress on learning a skill.

batch_09-09-17_9:23:03 PM

Every day after school, I make the three school-aged children play video games together.

batch_09-09-17_9:23:33 PM

Anessa always wins.

Ever since Michael died, the Elam family has been struggling with food. No need to fear, though, because Olivia knows just who to call at a time like this: the pizza man!

batch_09-09-17_9:25:07 PM

Little Addy seems to be the most excited about the pizza. I understand; she’s spent her entire toddlerhood eating peas, fruit salad and Olivia’s super food salad… #SaveAddy

batch_09-09-17_9:27:54 PM

Saturday is another park day. Olivia comes this time. I took the family to the park because I got toddler stuff and Addy is the second toddler I’ve played with since I got it. I took way too many pictures but am sparing you from having to see them all.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the interactions in your game or other stories by now.

batch_09-10-17_5:22:41 PM

On Adonis’ days off, it’s only him and Addy at the house all day.

batch_09-10-17_5:22:30 PM
*mumbles* “And she better not come to me in an hour with those puppy dog eyes talking about some ‘daddy I hungwy!’ Hmph.”

She drives him a little crazy, I think.

batch_09-11-17_6:42:52 PM

He’s thankful that he can spend time with his children…

batch_09-11-17_6:42:33 PMbatch_09-11-17_6:42:26 PM

…even if only two of his children seem to enjoy spending time with him.

batch_09-11-17_6:42:09 PMbatch_09-11-17_6:42:16 PM

batch_09-11-17_6:42:40 PM
I hope the little ones stay this precious forever.

But what can you expect in a house with two teens, one child, and one toddler? Mayhem, that’s what.

batch_09-11-17_6:49:11 PM

When his level-10-in-parenting wife returns home in the evenings, she quickly gets the house in order (i.e. reigns in the teens) while Adonis gets his precious little girls to sleep.

Michael visits the night before Annalise and Addison’s birthday.

batch_09-11-17_7:01:43 PM
“What is this, Liv? Sugar free and cake don’t even belong in the same sentence, girl!”

He seems disappointed in his daughter’s idea of cake.

batch_09-11-17_7:08:27 PM

I wake everybody up so we can party before school! Also, I wanted Michael to see his two youngest grandchildren age up!

batch_09-11-17_7:35:05 PM

Annalise Elam

batch_09-11-17_7:35:11 PM

Addison Elam

Bonus: Heaven visited, too and the first thing she did was go meet Addison.

batch_09-10-17_5:42:07 PM


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    1. Lol! They mostly eat quick meals and super food salad. They actually only had pizza once. In my mind, Olivia is too much of a health nut for them to have it often. I am so in love with all of the kids in this save! They’re all gorgeous to me!

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