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Hello everyone!

While playing my Drifter Challenge, I got my first ever insane- err… erratic sim. She’s the sibling of the current heir and watching her when she comes over is fascinating.


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BN: 3.07

The Sisters' Men If there was a time before Amos, Annalise didn't remember it.  Vaguely she remembered someone with the last name Villareal and a reaction that sparked and glowed then fizzled, but Amos was the fire in her belly and there was no reason to remember anyone else. In retrospect, she should have known. … Continue reading BN: 3.07

BN: 3.06

Since it's been months, how about a quick update of who lives in the house. There's Olivia-Marie, the generation two heir, and her husband Adonis along with two of their children, Annalise and Addison. Addison is the generation three heir. And I can't forget about Benjamin, Addison's husband. So there are five total sims in … Continue reading BN: 3.06

BN: 3.04

Let me tell y'all, I have stopped Adonis a handful of times from flirting with Benjamin. Adonis, what are you thinking? Please stop. Okay, so Addy and Benjamin's courtship has everyone feeling a bit more raunchy than usual... Annalise actually invited Amos over after work to "celebrate" her promotion. After a round of woohoo, she spun … Continue reading BN: 3.04

BN: 3.03

It should be noted that Addison and Benjamin definitely have the hots for each other. I mean, look at how they're looking at each other. They aren't even friends here, I haven't done any romantic socials yet, and neither of them are flirty. Nothing at the club in the last two chapters was orchestrated. I let … Continue reading BN: 3.03

BN: 3.02

The only place with any semblance of privacy was upstairs. Addison embraced the quieter space as she talked to Benjamin. He was very interested in her writing and, more importantly, he was incredibly interested in her. Addison wasn't aware of how much time passed until Anessa came around the corner. "Addy girl," Anessa sang. "Sneaking off … Continue reading BN: 3.02

BN: 2.12

I've been gone forever so why not do some catch up, a few re-introductions and close out the generation? I'll be honest, the most difficult part of generational challenges for me is waiting for the heir/heiress to age up. Addison's child and teen years felt like forever in-game... which translated to taking forever to update. Anyway... … Continue reading BN: 2.12