BN: 2.11

Let's start off with a birthday today, yeah? I've had such fun writing for the past two chapters but it only covered... four days in game. I've got a lot of time to cover if I don't want to go over my self-imposed 20 chapters a generation limit! Here we go! Addison ages up into … Continue reading BN: 2.11


1.10 The Unexpected

When Siobhan told him that the doctor needed to check something out- that she may not be having a normal pregnancy- Elias became consumed with fear.  He made sure she schedule an appointment so the doctor could “confirm her suspicions.” The thought of something being wrong stressed the both of them out in the days … Continue reading 1.10 The Unexpected

BN: 2.10

Olivia came home from work, thrilled to see Anessa, Aiden, and Annalise diligently working on their homework. After inhaling half of her grilled cheese, she shared the wonderful news with the three of them. “You’ll be getting another brother or sister!” she announced. General words of acceptance and speculation of the baby’s gender floated between … Continue reading BN: 2.10

BN: 2.06

The twins are adorable and not as difficult as I anticipated they'd be. Maybe it's the fact that there are four adults in the household or maybe they're just fantastic kids because Anessa is angelic and Aiden is a charmer. I actually feel really good about adding another child to the family. But first I … Continue reading BN: 2.06